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Get the Highest Performance for Your Cloud at the Lowest Cost

With the Cloudamize analytics platform, organizations can assess, plan, and manage
their entire cloud life cycle while maintaining enterprise-level control and visibility.



  • Diagnostic Imaging


    Which cloud is right for me and what will it cost?

    Precisely project TCO for current on-premise, data center or cloud workloads in a new cloud environment.


  • Cancer Care


    How do I prioritize my applications for migration?

    Accurately design and build your migration plan based on your application’s cloud suitability and readiness.


  • Rehabilitation Center


    How can I improve my existing cloud environment?

    Maximize the benefits of your deployment with recommendations for the optimal cloud configuration based on your workload usage.



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How You Can Benefit from Cloudamize

Cloudamize, the cloud analytics platform, enables enterprises to accelerate decision-making
with accuracy and confidence to fully maximize the benefits of the cloud.

  • Monitor workloads

    Monitor existing application workloads

    Before determining your cloud strategy, understand current workloads and their performance profiles.

  • Build migration plan

    Build your migration plan with precision

    See cloud suitability, cloud readiness, and migration cost for each application group.

  • plan capacity

    Plan capacity to support business requirements

    Run what-if analysis scenarios utilizing usage data to plan for future deployments.

  • Understand cloud

    Understand the optimal cloud environment

    Determine the optimal cloud configuration and the related cost based on your application workload.

  • Reduce costs

    Reduce unnecessary costs

    Identify waste, such as idle compute resources, and unused storage while determining the right plan based on usage.

  • Discover infrastructure

    Discover and build existing infrastructure maps

    Tune the architecture of your current environment based on the application dependency mapping.

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“With Cloudamize, I was able to get a quick and accurate TCO estimate that was based on our actual usage data.”

Josh Blender, Sr. Engineer

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