Our Story

Moving to the cloud provides companies with significant benefits, including agility, efficiency, performance improvements, and cost savings. But the cloud is complex. If you combine all of the instance types, storage options, availability zones, and pricing plans, there are over 25 million cloud configurations available. And on top of this, these configurations are constantly changing.

The only way to keep up with these changes and find the right configuration is in-depth data analysis. In fact, there are approximately 150 metrics that you should measure and analyze to make your cloud journey – from pre-assessment though ongoing management – a success.

But to manually collect these metrics and all of the possible, ever-changing cloud configurations is nearly impossible. It’s inefficient, resource-intensive, and prone to error. We’ve seen companies feel this pain when migrating to the cloud, and as data scientists, we knew there was a better way to help companies maximize the value of their cloud.

That’s why we created a technology platform that can automate truly in-depth cloud infrastructure data collection and analysis. We collect billions of data points, analyze them, and present the findings in a simple way to ensure you make data-driven decisions about your cloud infrastructure with confidence and ease.

By providing a powerful analytics platform for cloud infrastructure, you gain immediate access to data, analysis, and recommendations that will help you efficiently scale your cloud infrastructure to meet your goals – so you can successfully realize the full promise and potential of the cloud.

Leadership Team

Khushboo Shah
Founder and CEO
Stephan Bohacek
Co-Founder and CTO
Pavan Maddipatla
Head of Engineering
Heather Miller
Head of Marketing