Cloudamize Announces DMA Integration and Azure SQL Right-Sizing for Easing and Optimizing SQL Server Migration to Azure

DMA Integration-1It’s extremely challenging for companies to understand what their data estate currently looks like, whether to migrate their databases using PaaS or IaaS, and how to ensure a smooth migration that will not result in cost or performance issues. Today, we're announcing new capabilities to the Cloudamize platform that will help our partners address these questions for the clients and modernize their data estate with better ease and accuracy. 

These enhancements include Database Migration Assistant (DMA) Integration and Azure SQL Right-Sizing, which together ease and optimize migrating on-premises SQL Server databases to Azure. This extends Cloudamize’s assessment and planning recommendations to include PaaS, in addition to the platform’s current IaaS recommendations. 

Our Compatibility Reporting and DMA Integration include the following capabilities:

  • Inventories existing on-premises SQL Server databases and gathers SQL environment information, including: SQL server version, number of cores, types of OS/processors, features of SQL deployed, SQL edition, and patch level.
  • Reports unsupported SQL running on unsupported OS, and which databases should be migrated to Azure SQL.
  • Tightly integrates with DMA, enabling customers to instantly access their database migration suitability report in a single click. 

Our Azure SQL Right-Sizing capabilities include:

  • Analyzes the performance profile of current on-premises SQL Server databases and runs this analysis through its proprietary benchmarking engine to identify the right-sized Azure SQL and SQL Server virtual machine for each.
  • Provides the predicted performance and cost of the right-sized IaaS and PaaS recommendation for each machine.

Cloudamize’s discovery, integrated compatibility reporting, right-sizing, and performance and cost predictions enable customers to understand where SQL updates are required and whether IaaS or PaaS SQL options are best for cost-performance optimization and ease of migration of their SQL Server databases.  Customers can also ensure they’re migrating to the cloud configuration that will ensure the best performance at the lowest possible cost.

Please see our press release and stop by our booth (#1827) at Microsoft Inspire, July 15-19, or our booth (#437) at Microsoft Ready, July 18-20 to learn more!


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