Pune, India - Analytics Engineer

Who We Are

Cloudamize is a key player in software modernization, specifically cloud computing. Cloudamize provides a cloud computing analytics platform that accelerates cloud migration and maximizes cloud ROI. Using the Cloudamize platform, customers can calculate and compare TCO across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform; automatically discover all applications and their dependencies; determine which applications to migrate and when; identify their optimal cloud instances and storage options; design a phased migration plan; and gain clear visibility into cloud costs for better control. Armed with high precision analytics and powerful automation, customers can make accurate cloud decisions faster, easier, and with more confidence, so they can speed and simplify cloud planning, migration, and management and ultimately realize the full potential of the cloud. Cloudamize is part of the Cloudreach Software Business Unit and is proudly located in Philadelphia with an office in Pune, India. 


Cloudamize is adding highly motivated, self-starters to its core team to help the company realize the significant, multi-year shift that is happening with businesses moving their infrastructure onto the cloud.

Cloudamize is looking to add an Analytics Engineer to join our team to tackle unique challenges as we grow across multiple IaaS platforms and delve into new areas of automated software modernization. As a member of this team, your primary role will be to work directly with the R&D and engineering team. A successful candidate will have several years of Analytics Engineering experience with many of the specific tools listed below and enjoys the challenge of building automated solutions for infrastructure management and continuous delivery of large-scale. Since Cloudamize is an analytics company, this is a critical role that provides leadership into company direction and builds products that instantiate that direction. You will work closely within engineering teams and Cloudamize Leadership and are expected to understand and anticipate the market and customer needs. We are a tight-knit team, focused on delivering a great customer experience, while being flexible and easy-going.


  • Develop, deploy, and maintain data-driven solutions that accelerate customer software modernization
  • Assist in the development of novel and robust application data collection systems
  • Maintain an understanding of the market and company priorities
  • Attend customer meetings in order to develop new insights into their challenges
  • Work closely with Devops, QA, product managers, and the entire engineering team
  • Maintain an understanding of state-of-the-art concepts in analytics


  • Education: Master’s degree in Computer Science or related or equivalent work experience, and Ph.D. is preferred.
  • Experience: 3+ years experience in deploying data-driven solutions
  • Knowledge in several of the following areas
    • Code analysis
      • static and dynamic analysis
      • code complexity analysis
    • Natural language processing
      • Corpus generation
      • Named entity detection
      • Ontology generation
      • Text classification
    • Comprehensive performance evaluation for computing systems such as GPU, databases, enterprise applications, operating systems, and virtualization
    • Automated software verification and validation
    • Deep and highly robust system monitoring and time series analysis
    • Anomaly detection
    • Working knowledge of machine learning techniques
    • Enterprise networking
  • A solid understanding of reliable data pipeline
  • A solid understanding of enterprise applications is a plus
  • A solid understanding of challenges facing software modernization such a refactoring and legacy code is a plus.
  • A good understanding of contemporary software development practices including CI/CD, Cloud, serverless, containerization, secure architecture, infrastructure as code, reliable architecture, etc.
  • Experience with databases (ideally Postgresql) and Python
  • Experience with one or more of the IaaS providers is a must (AWS, Azure, GCE cloud etc.)
  • US-based employees can have OPT, H1B, green card, or citizen. Employees can work from other countries.


This is an opportunity to join an exceptional team at the growth stage of the company. Compensation includes a competitive salary. Contractors may apply.

To Apply

Please send a short note or video of why you believe you are qualified for the open position. Include your resume and the source where you found the listing. Responses can be sent to hiring@cloudamize.com