Who We Are

Cloudamize was built with a single mission: to provide automated, app-centric analytics and planning capabilities that improve the precision and speed of your journey to the cloud.

Fast track to the cloud

Our platform gives you the best cloud assessment and migration planning experience in the market today. Combining decades of cloud computing experience, our team of data scientists has analyzed close to a billion data points and 25 million cloud configurations to offer the most accurate cost and performance forecasting capabilities.

With Cloudamize, you can develop a comprehensive plan for migrating to the cloud provider and application infrastructure of your choice, with confidence. Whether your strategy involves hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, or single cloud, Cloudamize maps your end-to-end application and machine portfolio with performance and cost goals in mind.

Our right-sizing capabilities enable you to:

    • Map your entire infrastructure to know what applications are in use and how they are communicating.
    • Prioritize quick-win migration targets by identifying easy-to-migrate applications.
    • Leverage automated application dependency mapping to gain a clear picture of application interconnectivity and performance metrics to ensure you can move to the cloud with confidence.
    • Identify what your infrastructure needs will be in the cloud and accurately define your cloud costs.

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