Case Study: COMPAREX Brazil

"It was a simple process to get set up and get started with Cloudamize. After we were set up, running the various analyses we needed was very easy."

Herlon Majolo, Cloud Solutions Architect, COMPAREX Brazil

The Challenge


COMPAREX Brazil helps companies plan and execute Azure migrations and manages Azure-based environments. Recently, the Sao Paulo-based consulting company had an opportunity to win the business of a large company with 600 virtual machines to migrate from on-premises to Azure. Before this potential customer was ready to commit to migrating its infrastructure to Azure, it wanted to see an accurate, credible TCO calculation of the cost to operate its infrastructure after migrating to Azure.

The prospective customer wasn’t the first that wanted to see a concrete TCO calculation before moving to Azure. Although COMPAREX Brazil’s track record of successfully migrating and managing enterprise environments helped customers feel like they were in good hands, industry horror stories of out-of-control cloud costs gave many organizations pause.

To feel confident about migrating, this customer needed a detailed understanding of what cost and performance would be in Azure. It wanted to know that performance requirements would be met and that running infrastructure in Azure would be less expensive than maintaining an on-premises infrastructure.

“Our customers wanted a detailed report of each individual machine so they would know exactly where their TCO calculation came from,” said Herlon Majolo, Cloud Solutions Architect, COMPAREX Brazil. “Customers were hesitant to trust a calculation without a detailed breakdown on the cost of operating their infrastructure in the cloud.”

While recognizing that Azure offers businesses the opportunity to reduce IT costs without compromising performance, without a credible, detailed TCO calculation, COMPAREX Brazil’s customer wasn’t sure that migrating to Azure was the right move. The customer also wasn’t convinced that moving to Azure was the right choice for the organization and its workloads.

Typically, COMPAREX Brazil would conduct a manual assessment of a customer’s infrastructure to help it decide whether Azure was the right choice. However, that process was time-consuming, and it was all but impossible for an operation with 600 virtual machines.

“Ultimately, we knew that the only way we would be able to show this prospect that migrating to the cloud would benefit their organization would be if we could deliver an accurate, third-party assessment built on a comprehensive analysis that only an automated solution could provide,” Majolo explained. “Our search led us to Cloudamize.”

The Solution


Cloudamize helps companies conduct automated discovery and dependency mapping of on-premises infrastructure to provide accurate, third-party TCO calculations. Companies like COMPAREX Brazil can use this information to give their customers a clear and comprehensive picture of their on-premises environment and accurately predict what their costs will be in Azure—without having to endure a tedious and time-consuming process.

COMPAREX Brazil deployed Cloudamize to gather the detailed data it needed on each and every one of the 600 machines its customer wanted to migrate.

“It was a simple process to get set up and get started with Cloudamize,” said Majolo. “After we were set up, running the various analyses we needed was very easy.”

First, Cloudamize conducted a performance analysis of both storage and compute resources. The storage performance analysis assessed the company’s on-premises peak IOPS and maximum IOPS, disc capacity, disc occupancy, required peak throughput, available maximum throughput, and operation size. The compute storage performance analysis measured peak CPU usage, allocated and peak RAM usage, CPU type, number of CPU cores, and usage patterns.

Next, Cloudamize combined this information with proprietary benchmarks on the public cloud to accurately predict the compute and storage performance of each on-premises workload in Azure. After Cloudamize’s automated analytics identified the optimal compute and storage option for each workload, the platform combined the cost of the optimal resources to build a precise TCO.

“One of the reasons it’s difficult to calculate an accurate TCO is because comparing on-premises metrics to the cloud isn’t a ‘like-to-like’ comparison,” said Khushboo Shah, Founder and Chairman, Cloudamize. “At the same time, there are no publicly available cloud benchmarks. But because Cloudamize has developed a library of benchmarks, we can give cloud consultants accurate TCO calculations based on their right-sized cloud.”

Lastly, by monitoring all inbound and outbound communication, the Cloudamize platform identified all applications and their dependencies—which enabled COMPAREX Brazil to build a detailed migration plan for its customer.

The Results


Because of Cloudamize, COMPAREX Brazil was able to provide its customer with an accurate TCO calculation that alleviated hesitation about moving to Azure and led the customer to execute its migration with help from COMPAREX Brazil. With the calculation that Cloudamize provided, COMPAREX Brazil was able to provide the exact right-sized compute and storage option for each and every workload. Not only did this precision help COMPAREX Brazil show its customer exactly what to expect in terms of cost and performance, but it also helps with planning migration and move groups. As a result of Cloudamize’s suite of automated analytics tools, COMPAREX Brazil accelerated the time required to deliver TCO calculations for customers of all sizes.

“In our experience, the Cloudamize calculation is both more accurate and less expensive than calculations derived from manual methods which makes our customers happy and accelerates cloud adoption, explained Majolo.”

Customers frequently assume that operating their infrastructure in Azure will be more expensive than keeping their environment on-premises. When COMPAREX Brazil delivers a calculation that is often lower than both what customers were expecting and the initial calculation provided by Azure, they’re even more inclined to move to Azure.

The COMPAREX Brazil team also leveraged the Azure Site Recovery (ASR) integration within Cloudamize, which enables consultants to plan and execute their migrations in just a few clicks. With the integration, COMPAREX Brazil could pinpoint an ASR-ready design and set up an ASR configuration server.

“Not only did the automated assessment and TCO calculation help us demonstrate to our customers that migrating to the cloud would reduce their IT costs without compromising performance, but we were also able to start moving our customer to the cloud faster,” said Majolo. “We were able to help our customers move to their right-sized cloud so that their performance requirements would be met immediately upon migration.”

About Comparex

As a global IT company with thirty years of experience, COMPAREX is one of the world’s leading IT service providers and no. 1 software license management company in the EMEA markets. COMPAREX develops innovative services that support management and leverage software products, leading to an overall improvement of workforce productivity. COMPAREX serves corporate customers spanning from small businesses to large international corporations as well as public institutions – supporting every customer during their digital journey towards productivity optimization.

The portfolio has a solid foundation in license management, software procurement and cloud services. Substantial professional and managed services complete the portfolio to support customers with services tailored to their business demands.

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