Case Study: The Instillery

"Cloudamize sometimes knows more about the actual infrastructure and how it’s all put together better than a client. We have all these data-driven insights to draw these migration groups. It’s never just a lift-and-shift. There’s always a level of either decoupling or optimizing your application."

Mike Jenkins, Founder, The Instillery

The Challenge


Cloud migrations are often all-consuming, and this alone can be a handbrake for any organization that focuses all of its attention and resources on its own customers. In addition to being time-consuming, clients are faced with many unknowns, so these concerns needed to be addressed in advance of any final decision to move from an on-premises infrastructure to the public cloud.

For The Instillery, giving clients a clear picture of what their optimal environment would look like in the cloud, as well as speeding the migration process, were critical. However, because the cloud can be incredibly complex, accurately and efficiently determining the cost of moving to the cloud, how performance requirements would be met in the cloud, and the best path to the cloud were major challenges for The Instillery. Also, with numerous options for storage, compute and network resources, it was easy to be overwhelmed with the task of choosing the best options in the cloud to fit a client’s needs.

“Many enterprises will go through a sort of ‘T-shirt sizing’ phase to try and understand what they’ve got and what it might look like in the cloud,” said Mike Jenkins, Founder, The Instillery. “You often walk into an organization, and say, ‘Show me everything that you’ve got. Show me all the costs. Show me what it looks like today, what the dependencies are, what applications or assets you have that are undiscovered or need further investigation.’ Understandably, none of that’s really there.”

Attempting to gain full visibility into clients’ vast on-premises infrastructures by manually discovering applications, calculating TCO, and mapping application dependencies was painfully time-consuming for both The Instillery and its clients. The Instillery devoted many hours to exploring thousands of machines for clients planning migrations, and it struggled to keep up with all the needs of its existing clients. Taking on new projects also was nearly impossible without any extra bandwidth, so The Instillery started looking at solutions to address these new opportunities and expand its cloud business without compromising the quality of client outcomes.

The Solution


Because manual assessment and migration planning cost so much time and even inhibited The Instillery from gaining new business, it implemented Cloudamize’s automated analytics platform and completed the following steps.

Step 1: Discovery and Performance Analysis

The Instillery used Cloudamize to automatically identify all applications in its clients’ infrastructures and to analyze the compute and storage performance profile of each. This provided The Instillery with the required peak IOPS, available maximum IOPS, disc capacity, disc occupancy, required peak throughput, available maximum throughput, and operation size to measure the storage performance of each workload.

The platform also analyzed the peak CPU utilization, allocated and peak RAM usage, CPU type, number of CPU cores, and usage patterns to measure compute performance for each workload. Together, the in-depth storage and compute performance analysis is the first step in determining CPU and storage requirements in the cloud.

Step 2: Benchmarking and Right-Sizing

Without publicly available benchmarks for the public cloud, it’s nearly impossible for companies to translate their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. That’s why Cloudamize has created benchmarks for the public cloud, which enables it to precisely predict what the compute and storage performance of each on-premises workload will be in the cloud. It runs the on-premises compute and storage performance analysis from Step 1 through its benchmarking engine to identify the right-sized compute and storage options in the cloud for each on-premises workload. By automating this incredibly complex and time-consuming process, Cloudamize has enabled The Instillery to very quickly and very accurately calculate the correct TCO for its clients and plan migrations.

Step 3: TCO Calculation

With Cloudamize’s performance predictions based on cloud benchmarking, The Instillery calculated annual cloud TCOs based on its clients’ right-sized cloud - meaning the compute and storage settings that will meet performance requirements at the lowest possible cost - rather than basing it on a client’s on-premises settings that may be over-provisioned for the cloud.

The platform also provided The Instillery with a detailed breakdown of the compute, storage and network costs for each recommended instance in the cloud. This visibility into their predicted cloud environment gave clients the confidence they needed to move forward with cloud adoption.

“Cloudamize is the key for us to open a safe path to the cloud by knowing exactly what our clients have now and how that could be replicated in the cloud,” said Jenkins. “The prediction of what an infrastructure looks like in the cloud does remove some of the concern that clients have around whether providers will understand what their current states look like. And from a cost perspective, it’s really compelling for the customer or management especially, so they can understand what their predicted cloud spend would be over what they currently have.”

Step 4: Migration Roadmap

With the knowledge gathered from the assessment, The Instillery leveraged Cloudamize to build phased migration plans for its clients. In particular, it used the platform to automate application dependency mapping. This was critical in designing the overall migration plan, including which applications had to be moved
together and when they should be moved.

“It really helps the customer to understand what their environment looks like now and how the applications are talking to each other, so we can kind of workshop it with the customer,” said Mike Jenkins, Founder, The Instillery.

The Instillery can see each application dependency in the platform to effectively guide clients through building move groups by machine and application, or use Cloudamize’s numerous advanced filters to create groups that most clearly align with a client’s cloud migration strategy.

Cloudamize shows a cost breakdown for each move group, and when it’s time to move those groups to the cloud, The Instillery can manage migration by tagging groups and the machines that should migrate.

The Results


Accelerate Adoption and Migration

With Cloudamize, The Instillery had the in-depth, data-driven insights into client infrastructures to accelerate cloud adoption and migration. The systems integrator provided its clients with an accurate picture of their on-premises infrastructures, how each application talks to another, and what cloud costs and performance
to expect. Precise compute and storage right-sizing also ensured both The Instillery and its clients that cost and performance would be optimized in the cloud.

“By discovering that information, we can build and construct a better cloud environment and migrate our clients more quickly with known outputs including what the TCO is going to be,” said Jenkins.

Time Savings = Business Growth and Improved Client Relationships

Instead of spending countless hours manually discovering a client’s entire infrastructure, The Instillery can explore thousands of machines and their connections in a matter of weeks. With Cloudamize, The Instillery completed three projects in the time it previously took to complete one, enabling it to take on more projects and expand its client base. And when working with its clients, The Instillery can devote much more time to get to know a client’s business and organizational structure.

“We’ve got very smart engineers that aren’t in there doing the manual discovery of each machine and how it’s connected and what the dependencies are and what that looks like,” said Jenkins. “Since we get to work smarter and not necessarily harder, we get to go engage with a lot of stakeholders within the business. We get to have a lot of great conversations within the business that kind of evangelize and talk to what cloud is and how they can benefit different parts of their business.”

Through having these valuable conversations, The Instillery is able to build relationships with its clients that establish trust and give the engineers deeper insights into issues to address, decision-makers to engage, and the approach to the cloud that will be a best fit for the business. By focusing on clients’ needs
and addressing their critical concerns about migration with Cloudamize’s precise data insights, The Instillery is able to give its once hesitant clients clear confidence in their decision to move to the cloud.

“We’re very confident that we can send our brightest technical people into a conversation with any service owner, with any business owner, with any layer of management or stakeholder, and can engage in a commercial conversation around the outcomes that they’re looking for and then be able to relate that back to the discovery that’s taking place now,” Jenkins added. “For us, I think that’s the biggest benefit of using Cloudamize.”

About The Instillery

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