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Accelerate Cloud Adoption & Migration

You can make data-driven cloud decisions with confidence using our supercharged Cloudamize software. Our high-precision analytics and powerful automation make planning simple and efficient, accelerating your migration to the cloud.

"Cloudamize is the key for us to open a safe path to the cloud by knowing exactly what our clients have now and how that could be replicated in the cloud."

Mike Jenkins, Founder, The Instillery


What’s the best cloud for me and what will it cost?

With Cloudamize, you can compare precise TCO calculations across cloud providers and identify the option that works best for your enterprise.


How do I prioritize my applications for migration?

Cloudamize automates the discovery of applications across your business and identifies which to migrate and when, for a phased, efficient move to the cloud.

Connecting your business to the power of the world’s leading public cloud providers.

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