Cloudamize Introduces Consumption Based Node Month Pricing

2020 has ushered in a great deal of uncertainty to existing and upcoming cloud initiatives. While realizing cost savings and accelerating cloud adoption is arguably a bigger priority than ever, it’s become increasingly difficult for Cloud Services teams to accurately predict market impacts on their pipeline and customer base. To help provide customers with even more flexibility, Cloudamize is proud to announce the launch of its consumption-based Multi-Use pricing model.

Multi-use pricing is a novel approach to pricing based on node months. Node Months not only give customers unlimited flexibility running data-collection, but also provide a pure consumption-driven mechanism to using Cloudamize licenses across multiple assessments, without incurring overage penalties or opportunity-cost loss from deals that convert earlier/later than expected.

Why multi-use nodes?

Flexible Pricing

Multi-Use pricing allows partners to quickly scale usage up/down within a given time period, without incurring penalty or overage fees, allowing them to easily match their customer demand.

Transferable Licensing

With node months, node licenses can be transferred across projects to ensure the risk of idle ISV subscriptions is mitigated and cost optimization as a priority is maintained.

Unlimited Assessments

Multi-use node months eliminates limitations against the number of assessments to ensure that data collection, regardless of agent or agentless, can be run more thoroughly for higher precision analytics and optimized workload planning.

With the new multi-use pricing, partners can be assured that Cloudamize can scale their cloud adoption practice to meet their 2020 customer acquisition, customer retention, and cost optimization goals. To learn more, please contact us today!

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