Cloudreach and Cloudamize Join Forces In Blackstone Backed Merger to Accelerate Intelligent Cloud Adoption

Today we announced exciting news about the future of Cloudamize. We are joining forces with Cloudreach, a London-based software enabled services business, to accelerate intelligent cloud adoption. You can read more about this news here.

I'd like to share with you what this means to me.

I have thought about this day for such a long time and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am. As a founder, you have an idea, a vision, something you MUST do - something you MUST build. And you throw yourself into it with all you have at the expense of nearly everything else in your life.

You start with literally nothing - everything has to be built from scratch. Everything. And the effort to create something out of nothing is beyond anything you’ve ever done before. There are the incredible highs and the terrible lows and everything in between.

You gain a following. You listen carefully to your customers and partners. You work hard to please them. It nearly crushes you when you disappoint them. And you work even harder - go even faster. The team grows. The business grows. The complexity grows. The pressure grows.

You raise money. And you bring on new business partners. Expectations grow and the pressure mounts even further. You can’t possibly fail now – too many people relying on you. Customers, partners, investors, employees, families… Real people.

And then in some ways that seem a lifetime and in others like it was just the blink of an eye, someone, a new someone, says, "I like what you’ve built. I’m impressed. Truly. And I want to help you grow this business to reach the entire world and achieve the vision and the scale you’ve always dreamed of"

My vision was to enable companies with analytics and automation so that they could make critical cloud deployment decisions with ease and confidence. And the “someone” who saw our potential and reached out to us was Blackstone, one of the world’s leading investment firms. Blackstone in turn introduced us to another cloud-native trail-blazing leader in Cloudreach and the rest as they say is history.

Deciding to join forces with Cloudreach and Blackstone is the result of nearly a year of careful planning and thoughtful consideration. The vision we have of the company we are building together is breathtaking in its scope and ambition - just the way I like it. And Cloudamize will play a major role in the achievement of that vision.

Cloudamize will form a new software business unit within Cloudreach and will continue to operate just as it does today. We will continue to sell directly to the market and support our customers and partners - that is imperative to our goals. We will also work with Cloudreach to develop new, highly innovative software-enabled services offerings that will be available to Cloudamize and Cloudreach customers and the market as a whole.

Substantial investment will be made in Cloudamize to rapidly scale our customer base and partner ecosystem, strengthen customer and partner success programs, accelerate platform development, and expand geographically both in the US and internationally.

What has always driven me is you. My customers and my partners. In everything I’ve tried to build and bring to market over the years, it was always to try to make your life a bit easier, to take the worry out of deploying cloud, to make cloud adoption as easy as possible so you could focus on what YOU do best. You can trust that you will remain the center of my focus and the compass for my decisions as I take the next step now on this amazing journey that has been and will continue to be Cloudamize.

It all starts with a dream and today that dream just took one giant step towards reality.

To my parents, my husband, and my daughters - thank you for your love, your support and your patience.


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