Cloudamize Introduces Dedicated Hosting for EMEA Customers

Three quarters into FY20, Cloudamize has had a whirlwind of a year. This year, Cloudamize has been fortunate to experience some of our largest expansion to date both in terms of the sheer number of assessments and the geographic distribution of our partners.

As our global reach has grown, so have the needs of our partners. One area we’ve received overwhelming feedback on in the last 6 months is how we host and process data within the Cloudamize platform, particularly from partners in EMEA.

Our partners, Cloud Services teams of all shapes and sizes, who work with customers in the EU need to ensure their entire delivery toolchain is compliant with complex data processing and security requirements.  To better support our partners with Enterprise customers in the EU, Cloudamize is thrilled to announce that we’ve launched a dedicated environment in EMEA.

What does this mean for me?

Customers with EU data jurisdiction requirements can now receive the same world-class experience and benefits of using Cloudamize to accelerate cloud migration planning without worrying about data leaving the region.

The new Cloudamize infrastructure not only adheres to SOC2 standards, but also enables Cloud Services teams to comply with GDPR requirements regarding data hosting, storage, and processing within the EU.

As always, all assessments adhere to Cloudamize’s strict data protection, processing, and storage policy:

  • Private data is never collected
  • Sensitive is never shared with anyone, ever
  • All data in-transit is encrypted via TLS
  • All data at-rest is encrypted following Google Cloud Platform Encryption at Rest service
  • Assessment data is expired 90 days past license expiration, unless extended or requested to delete sooner

How do I get started?

Since launching the environment, we’ve started working to engage a number of partners who vocalized this need for their customers - and we’re thrilled to announce we already have a number of successfully completed EMEA-based assessments! 

Otherwise - customers looking to take advantage of the new EMEA-based Cloudamize infrastructure can choose to process their assessment data in the EU by simply selecting Frankfurt (europe-west3) within the Region dropdown during the order creation process (below) and using Cloudamize just as you would normally.

We’re thrilled to expand the usage of Cloudamize into new markets, but we’re most proud of the continued trust and collaboration to help our partners solve challenging problems for their customers. 

Cloudamize has helped hundreds of organizations migrate to and effectively adopt cloud over the last 7 years. If you’re a Cloud Services or Enterprise team looking to accelerate how quickly you can gain real value from the cloud, we’d love to chat

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