Deploy your solutions with Cloudamize Build

Over the past few weeks, different members of the Cloudamize team have provided terrific insight into our new Cloud Management Platform. Read any previous posts covering the Cloudamize platform here. This week, we’re going to dive a little deeper into Cloudamize Build, part of the Cloudamize CMP.

Our global teams of cloud engineers and architects have a wealth of experience in helping large organizations assess their current IT environments and plan for massive migrations to cloud. One area receiving constant consideration during these engagements is transforming traditional developer organizations into agile, DevOps powerhouses. 

Simply lifting and shifting an organization’s current infrastructure and applications to the cloud, without transforming and refactoring the applications, will not yield a significant portion of the benefits the cloud affords.  Organizations must think and act differently when it comes to how they develop and deploy cloud native applications, and they need the proper tools to enable their organizations to do so. Often, this turns into a discussion about templating solutions or blueprints, automation, orchestration, YAML files, Terraform, Cloudformation, and other technologies and methodologies that help propel developers into this new frontier.  

Because widespread adoption of these technologies often alludes organizations in the early cloud days, they end up with technology sprawl where this large collection of developer IP is stored, collected, and accessed from many different locations, with few best practices in place.  This sprawl can make it very difficult for all audiences to effectively consume these assets leading to organizations unable to fully benefit from the engineering cycles put into them.

Build aims to address these very challenges. Our platform offers the experience of a gallery to collect, validate, automate, and publish these solutions in one central location that is the interface for both developers and consumers.

We didn’t try to reinvent the wheel for how these solutions get developed or where your source content is stored.  Your developers can continue to leverage the tools they use today to build these solutions. They can still store these solutions in the repositories and version control systems they use today, like Github.  

We bring all of those pieces together into a single interface and perform automated testing and validation upon submission of your solutions.  The platform takes those blueprints and runs testing and validation using a CI pipeline, reporting the results back to the submitters and administrators of your company.  

Some examples include:

    • Linting checks against the code using tools such as TFLint for Terraform files and PYLint for Python files.  
    • We can check the validity of YAML files.  
    • We check that the pipeline files exist and are properly formatted for end-to-end orchestration.  
    • We have documentation and license checks to validate that everything is in proper order for a user to consume the blueprints.  

Essentially, we are automating a lot of the work that your developer teams would need to perform before solutions are released to the consumers, end-users, and customers. Then we add in orchestration capabilities that enable easy, one-click deployments directly into your cloud environments as well as control over who can see these blueprints and who has the ability to deploy them into your cloud accounts.

Finally, we provide an interface for you to publish these to your end-users, including community features like ratings, commenting, and security controls.

All of these features enable your company to leverage those engineering cycles that sometimes go wasted and aren’t able to be reused by others who would benefit from them.  Ultimately, this increases the efficiency of your organization by giving you a platform to build a solid CI/CD workflow, helps to decrease costs, and gives you a platform to help monetize these assets.

To learn more and request a demo of our platform, contact us today.

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