Jumpstarting Cloud Adoption with Cloudamize

Jumpstarting Cloud Adoption with Cloudamize

Adopting cloud can (and should) serve as a catalytic activity that unlocks an enterprise’s ability to transform its core business - either by gaining efficiency in current capabilities or using cloud-native technologies to develop net-new revenue streams. A 2019 report shows that Enterprise cloud spending is on the rise, with 77% of enterprises reporting some cloud footprint, and 15% intending to adopt cloud within the next 12 months.

A major factor driving this surge in cloud adoption is the decreasing cost of cloud migrations, attributable to ample CSP funding programs, greater availability of cloud training and education, and more affordable software tooling supporting cloud adoption.

So What’s Holding New Cloud Adopters Back?

Despite this,  new cloud adopters still struggle to execute cloud migrations at the speed, scale, and precision required to achieve their targeted ROI. For many, the findings of Velostrata/Dimensional Research’s 2017 survey still holds true: 192 of the 200 enterprises surveyed indicated it was taking more time and money than expected to get to the cloud. In fact, 62% reported that the projects were harder than expected or had failed outright.

To complicate matters further, the actual migration is just the starting point within the journey:  Only 34% of organizations surveyed in 2019 by Flexera considered themselves to have “advanced” cloud skills or the ability to fully leverage the advantages that come with cloud-native technologies, which can diminish the cloud’s potential value to enterprise adopters.

These organizations often find themselves embroiled in the unenviable position between “still adopting” and achieving their forecasted ROI figures. Many will experience a loss of confidence in their transformation (and their consulting partners) and a negative impact on their ability to successfully run/support their critical applications.

Case Study: An Enterprise’s Path to Accelerated Transformation... And Faster Cloud ROI

Cloudamize’s goal is to help organizations (both cloud services and their enterprise customers) navigate the fastest route to value by simplifying cloud adoption. We believe successful transformations start with an effective plan and must demonstrate value immediately. These “quick wins” fuel stakeholder interest in further cloud adoption and ultimately generate longer-term ROI, faster.

Cloud Acceleration Customer Journey

Image - a typical customer journey to Cloud ROI with Cloudamize

A recent customer engagement illustrates why Cloudamize-powered transformations result in gaining ROI much faster compared to standard engagements.

The Challenge 

The client, a financial services organization, was interested in migrating several applications to the cloud. The company approached Cloudreach (a Cloudamize Premier Partner) to help facilitate the migration, as well as establish the baseline Cloud Infrastructure needed to run their applications in the cloud.

Reducing Migration Planning and Execution Timeline

Cloudamize Plan enabled the Cloudreach Architecture team to quickly discover the existing on-prem application footprint, including interdependencies with other applications, performance and usage statistics, and even license information. Using this data, the Cloudreach team projected a comprehensive cloud TCO, which they used to obtain organizational buy-in to migrate the applications. Teams then quickly designed the migration strategy, including creating several “what-if” scenarios that allowed for better tailoring of the migration plan, minus the guesswork or spreadsheet math. 

Once agreed, Cloudreach utilized the built-in migration integration with CloudEndure to execute the migration to AWS. With minimal effort, applications migrated to the cloud.

Cloudreach also put Cloudamize’s Build function into action. Build provides teams with the ability to aggregate, curate, and deploy preexisting accelerators and reference architectures from within the organization or from leading partner catalogs. This dramatically shortened the timeline to build and deploy the cloud infrastructure that fit the customer’s needs, which helped ensure the customer’s teams would have a secure and governed environment for their migrated applications.
Using the built-in curation engine, the Cloudreach Architect quickly found the Landing Zone accelerator IP their team had developed prior to the engagement and delivered a much faster time to value compared with starting from scratch. 

Accelerating Application Modernization

The Cloudreach team continued utilizing Cloudamize Build to deploy templates that allowed them to rapidly build the customer’s core application infrastructure, provisioning a Data Lake and CICD Tooling that would serve as the backbone of the customer’s application shared services.

Additionally, because the Blueprints had already been integrated with Cloudreach’s custom validation and compliance tests, the team could quickly identify and remediate newly surfaced CVEs before deploying it into the customer’s environment.

With Cloudamize Build, the Cloudreach team effectively modernized cloud applications and environments - all with the push of a button. By reducing the effort and barriers involved in adopting cloud, teams are able to spend more time working with customer teams to build new capabilities and revenue streams using cloud-native services. 

Cloudamize has helped hundreds of organizations migrate to and effectively adopt cloud over the last 8 years. If you’re a Cloud Services or Enterprise team looking to accelerate how quickly you can gain real value from the cloud, we’d love to chat.