Cloudamize Partner Program Achieves Unprecedented Growth as Public Cloud Adoption Rises

Philadelphia, PA, September 22, 2017 – Cloudamize, a leader in cloud computing analytics, today announced that its partner program has achieved unprecedented growth to date in 2017. Since January 2017, Cloudamize has tripled the number of new partners it has signed and has achieved a 130% increase in partner channel revenue compared to January through August of 2016. Further, the Cloudamize platform was used to support 775 cloud migration assessments so far this year, a 57% increase since this time last year.

In addition to Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, Cloudamize partners include NTT Data, Accenture, Softchoice, Virtusa, Catapult, Nuvens, AutoData, Avor IT, Synoptek, Inframon, Optio Data, CWPS, Worksighted, Instillery, Astadia, DataCom, Sol-tec, and Scalar.

"Our partner channel is growing because there are many unknowns when migrating to the cloud, and in-depth, automated analytics is the only way to move to and operate in the public cloud with efficiency and accuracy,” said Khushboo Shah, Head of Cloudamize. “We remove the guesswork from cloud decision-making, enabling our partners to significantly reduce migration time for their customers, improve client satisfaction and retention, take on more projects, and ultimately drive more profitability.”

Cloudamize’s high precision analytics and powerful automation empower companies to make accurate cloud decisions faster, easier, and with more confidence, so they can accelerate cloud migration and maximize cloud ROI.  The platform provides analysis and recommendations to calculate and compare cloud TCO, develop phased migration plans, right-size cloud deployments, and manage cloud costs.

The Cloudamize Partner Program benefits System Integrators, Managed Service Providers, and Value Added Resellers. It provides two different license consumption models - pay-as-you-go and bulk purchase - enabling companies to choose which models best fits them. Price is determined by the number of virtual and physical machines to be analyzed (machine bulk purchase discounts are provided) and which edition partners sign up for.

All partner program types offer free white labeling, full support for on-boarding and sales training, and the Cloudamize Partner Dashboard provides a single console for partners to manage all of their client projects. The Cloudamize partner program also includes enhanced, independently audited policies for partner privacy to ensure strict rules of engagement on opportunity management and confidentiality requirements.

Benefits of the Cloudamize Partner Program include:

  • Scale your offering and differentiate your cloud business: Improve your value proposition and increase close rates by adding an automated, data-driven approach to your cloud offerings.
  • Accelerate cloud adoption among enterprises: Remove sales friction at the cloud TCO conversions level.
  • Increase profitability: Reduce the time to migrate your clients to the cloud by 65-80%, so you can take on more cloud migration projects.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention: Enable your clients to achieve their optimal cloud environment and improve their time to cloud value.
  • Build brand credibility: Put more credibility behind your recommendations and overall brand by using high-precision analytics to inform your planning and execution.
  • Standardize your cloud analytics methodology: Implement a single, repetitive analysis methodology from initial cloud migration assessment through ongoing cost management for all of your clients across all company locations.

Learn more about the Cloudamize Partner Program here:

About Cloudamize

Cloudamize provides a cloud computing analytics platform that accelerates cloud migration and maximizes cloud ROI. Using the Cloudamize platform, customers can calculate and compare TCO across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform; automatically discover all applications and their dependencies; determine which applications to migrate and when; identify their optimal cloud instances and storage options; design a phased migration plan; and gain clear visibility into cloud costs for better control. Armed with high precision analytics and powerful automation, customers can make accurate cloud decisions faster, easier, and with more confidence, so they can speed and simplify cloud planning, migration, and management and ultimately realize the full potential of the cloud. Cloudamize is part of the Cloudreach Software Business Unit and is proudly located in Philadelphia. For more information, please visit and follow us @cloudamize.

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