Cloudamize Platform Updates Bring Additional Simplicity to Cloud Migration Planning and Execution

We’ve been hard at work over to deliver several new features to our outstanding customers. Over the past few months, we’ve been able to bring additional simplicity to cloud migration planning and execution while also delivering true feature-parity across all hyperscale cloud providers.

A select few accounts may have already noticed some of these updates take effect, but we hope you share in our excitement about the new releases. As always - if there’s a way we can make it even easier to plan and execute an accelerated cloud migration at scale, we’d love to hear from you and your team!

Creating Comprehensive GCP Migration Plans with Google Cloud Designer

Adding the Designer feature for GCP results brings core Cloudamize functionality to feature-parity across all CSPs. Through the Designer, users can drastically reduce the time it takes to create comprehensive, optimized migration plans and quickly calculate the impact of placing infrastructure in different regions, applying discounts and payment plans, and benchmarking different networking and compute scenarios all within the Cloudamize platform.

Bridging the Gap to GCP with Google Cloud Migrate for Compute Engine

Our integration with Migrate for Compute Engine allows Cloudamize to better support migration to Google Cloud using our data-driven recommendations. This ultimately provides users a faster way to map out their migration, and enable license tracking upstream for migrated instances - and by doing so, reduces much of what is otherwise a manual and error-prone part of the migration execution phase. 

Migration Planning Made Easier with Uploading Assets & Move Groups

Cloudamize recently made it even easier to begin an assessment by allowing organizations to directly import CMDB and CSVs of their current IT environment to quickly start grouping and gaining visibility into assets. Save time today by using the feature to quickly:

  • Upload user-defined assets and groups
  • Set the Assessment Scope status of individually assessed nodes
  • Bulk input any missing asset information or details

In order to create scenarios that reflect the most accurate cost analysis, users can automatically group machines and apply changes that are relevant to that specific subset of machines. For example, the changes applied to a non-prod environment could be very different than a production environment. With the CSV upload, you can now create these groups at scale and apply updates throughout the migration.

Try it out today, in your production Cloudamize accounts!

Support for EMEA Hosting/Provisioning

We're live worldwide! Cloudamize is thrilled to announce we’ve launched a fully-operational environment in EMEA, based on customer demand. Based in Frankfurt, Cloudamize can now better support customers with data jurisdiction requirements.

Interested in learning more about our roadmap and what you can expect to release in the next few months? Give us a shout and become a Cloudamize Partner today

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