I am a CIO & I want to ensure my migration roadmap is accurate.

Knowing if I have a complete and precise cloud migration roadmap in order to execute a successful, error-free migration. 

Create a migration roadmap based on an in-depth, accurate view of your on-premises environment to ensure a seamless, accurate cloud migration.

Cloudamize enables you to build your migration plan with precision. Our platform automatically identifies all applications and machines within your current environment and allows you to zoom in on individual application dependencies to gain an in-depth look and ensure you don’t miss a single connection. 

Users can leverage Cloudamize’s precision analytics to create a complete migration roadmap from easy-to-migrate to more complex applications. Once your migration roadmap is complete, Cloudamize provides migration tool integrations to make the cloud journey faster and more efficient.


In order to commit to a migration, COMPAREX Brazil needed an accurate, credible TCO calculation, detailed performance predictions and assurance these requirements would be met. 

Demystify your cloud transformation journey