I am a CFO and I want to know if the cloud will optimize performance at a lower cost.

Is moving to the cloud a more cost-effective way to meet your organizations needs? 

Build a data-driven cloud migration strategy that enables your organization to move to a cost-optimized cloud environment while ensuring performance requirements are met at a fraction of the cost.

Cloudamize can help you optimize your cloud performance and avoid wasted resources by right-sizing your workloads based on their actual usage. Receive your best-fit cloud configuration, including your optimal compute instances, storage options, network settings, and pricing plan and create your own designs to ensure that all possibilities are covered after your migration. Cloudamize also provides insight into available options for moving existing SQL Server and Microsoft software licenses to the cloud provider of your choice and avoid the cost associated with purchasing new licenses.


Case Study


In order to commit to a migration, COMPAREX Brazil needed an accurate, credible TCO calculation, detailed performance predictions and assurance these requirements would be met. 

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