Pune, India - Versatile Software Engineer 

Who We Are

Cloudamize, a software business unit within Cloudreach, provides a cloud computing analytics platform that accelerates cloud adoption in the enterprise. Using the Cloudamize platform, customers can calculate and compare TCO across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform; automatically discover all applications and their dependencies; determine which applications to migrate and when; identify their optimal instances and storage options; design a phased migration plan; and gain clear visibility into cloud costs for better control. Armed with deep analysis and insights, customers can make informed decisions at each stage of your cloud journey faster, easier, and with more confidence, so you can speed and simplify cloud planning, migration, and management and ultimately maximize your cloud ROI. We are proudly located in Philadelphia with an office in Pune, India.


Cloudamize is adding highly motivated, self-starters to its team to deliver value to clients as they realize the significant multi-year shift where businesses are moving their infrastructure into the cloud. We are a tight-knit team, focused on delivering a great customer experience, while being flexible and easy-going. As the company grows and embarks on new adventures, we expect and provide opportunities for the team members gain new experiences while also honing current skills.

At Cloudamize we work with a wide range of enterprise systems and we have products that automatically design and deploy a wide range of systems. Our products use our software as well as incorporate third-party tools and software. In the end, our products dramatically help the management and improvement of cloud-based computing. A critical step in developing our products is building, testing, debugging, streamlining, and hacking enterprise systems and the various third-party tools. For example, we might develop a product that works with a cloud vendor’s service. We need to test the cloud vendor’s service in many scenarios, determine when it works and how it breaks, understand the API, and determine where the logs are and what they mean.


Our Versatile Engineers work closely with developers, QA, and our analytics team, as well as with software vendors. They are eager to try new technology as well as dive into the details of older systems. Must be well organized, self-motivated and confident. Able to adapt and thrive in a fast-paced environment. While their experience grows quickly on the job, they initially can build systems that require mastery of several of the following skills areas:

  • Linux system administration
  • Window system administration
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • VMware
  • Cloud systems (deploying VMs, access control, HA systems, etc.)
  • Puppet, Chef, Terraform, Cloudformation, Azure Templates, etc.
  • Database migration systems
  • Networking such as firewalls, proxies
  • Database administration for several database vendors including deploying HA and scalable databases
  • Enterprise systems such as MSFT Exchange, Sharepoint
  • API testing and debugging with tools such as Postman, Fiddler, Wireshark
  • Scripting with Bash, Python, C#, and/or Powershell
  • Work permit (H1B transfer, Green Card, or citizen)


  • Qualifications

    • 3 - 4 years of programming experience with skills in several of the following
      • C++
      • C#
      • Java
      • Python
      • MatLab
    • Skilled in one or more of the following: 
      • PostgreSQL,
      • Terraform,
      • Cloud Devops
      • Data Analytics
    • We value and will put to use experience in the following:
      • active directory, system center, sharepoint, MS exchange
      • operating systems and networking principles
      • application and system performance monitoring
      • developing and debugging highly reliable distributed systems


This is an opportunity to join an exceptional team at the growth stage of the company. Compensation includes a competitive salary.

To Apply

Please send a short note or video of why you believe you are qualified for the open position. Include your resume and the source where you found the listing. Responses can be sent to hiring@cloudamize.com