RiverMeadow & Cloudamize Integrate Platforms to Streamline Customer Cloud Migration & Cost Optimization

San Jose, CA and Philadelphia, PA, May 17th, 2017 – RiverMeadow Software® Inc., a leading provider of cross-hypervisor, Lift & Shift server migration and Cloudamize, a leader in cloud computing analytics, have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver process automation and cost optimization to businesses migrating to the cloud. Together the integrated Cloudamize and RiverMeadow platforms help companies improve the ease, speed, and accuracy of moving to and operating in the cloud.

The Cloudamize platform provides high precision analytics and powerful automation to help companies identify their best-fit cloud, design a precise migration plan, and enable ongoing cloud cost management. RiverMeadow focuses on the migration stage—automating the core processes of collecting, converting and deploying the application stack from the source to the target cloud environment. The integration between the platforms enable businesses to import the migration plan they build in Cloudamize into RiverMeadow, and for each move group view its host name and its compute, network, and storage settings for the cloud, enabling them to move their workloads with speed and accuracy to their optimal configuration in AWS, Azure, and/or Google Cloud Platform.

“Cloud migration is a complex multi-step process eased by having key data points and automation available from the start. Cloudamize’s ability to automate cloud infrastructure data collection and analysis coupled with RiverMeadow’s ability to automate the move stage of the migration process creates this ease and gives businesses an effective, intelligent and streamlined path to the cloud,” said Richard Scannell, President & CEO of RiverMeadow Software.”

Key Benefits of the integrated offering include:

  • Accelerate Migration to Cloud: More quickly and accurately plan and execute your move to the cloud.
  • Shrink Change Windows & Downtime: Migrate application stacks to the target cloud environment with minimal downtime or manual configuration.
  • Achieve Cost Clarity & Control: Understand, project, control, and lower overall cloud costs.    

“We constantly look for ways to make it even easier for our clients to make the move to the cloud. This partnership makes a ton of sense. Combining the ease of migration planning through Cloudamize with the expediency of migration execution through RiverMeadow will deliver an exceptional and efficient migration process to our joint customers. Companies can now make the entire journey to the cloud, and manage their cloud ongoing, through one integrated platform,” said Bob Moul, CEO, Cloudamize.

About RiverMeadow Software

RiverMeadow Software Inc. sets the standard for cloud migration with its industry-leading RiverMeadow SaaS that delivers Lift & Shift automation for migrating physical, virtual and cloud-based servers into and between public, private and hybrid clouds. For more information, visit www.rivermeadow.com or follow the company on Twitter at @RiverMeadow1 and LinkedIn.

About Cloudamize

Cloudamize is a cloud computing analytics platform that provides data analysis and recommendations to speed and simplify cloud migration and cost management. Our platform helps you choose your best-fit cloud vendor; automates application discovery and dependency mapping to design a precise migration plan; analyzes your performance metrics and usage patterns on an ongoing basis to ensure your cloud is always right-sized; and provides clear visibility into cloud costs for better control. Armed with these insights, you can more quickly make accurate cloud decisions, achieve cost-performance optimization, and maximize the value of your cloud investments. Cloudamize is proudly located in Philadelphia. For more information, please visit https://www.cloudamize.com/ and follow us @cloudamize.

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