Our Partners

Partner with Cloudamize to optimize your clients’
cloud journeys and grow your cloud business.

Increase the Value of Your Cloud Offerings

Instantly gain deep analysis to calculate and compare cloud TCO, develop phased migration plans, right-size cloud deployments, and manage cloud costs.
Our platform gives you actionable insights to make accurate cloud decisions so that your customers can quickly achieve their optimal cloud environment.

  • Scale your offering and differentiate your cloud business: improve your value proposition and increase close rates by adding an data-driven approach to your cloud offerings.
  • Accelerate cloud adoption among enterprises: remove sales friction at the cloud TCO conversions level using detailed yet easy to consume cloud cost analysis.
  • Increase profitability: reduce the time to migrate your clients to the cloud by 65-80%, so you can take on more cloud migration projects.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention: enable your clients to achieve their optimal cloud environment and improve their time to cloud value.
  • Build brand credibility: put more credibility behind your recommendations and overall brand by using high precision analytics to inform your planning and execution.
  • Standardize your cloud analytics methodology: implement a single, repetitive analysis methodology for all of your clients across all company locations.

Partner Engagement Models

The Cloudamize Partner Program provides four different program types – Service Bureau, OEM, Reseller, and Referral –
along with two different license consumption models, including pay-as-you-go and bulk purchase.

Price is determined by the number of virtual and physical machines to be analyzed, and machine bulk purchase discounts are provided.
All partner programs offer full support for on-boarding and sales training, and the Cloudamize Partner Dashboard
provides a single console for partners to manage all of their client projects.


Partner Program Benefits

  • Single console to manage all projects
  • Full portal branding
  • Full support for on-boarding and Sales training
  • Free whitelabeling
  • Online knowledge center
  • Phone and email support
  • Machine bulk purchase discounts
  • Independently audited policies for partner privacy
  • Dedicated partner account manager
  • Co-marketing opportunities

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