CFOs: Make Better Decisions about Cloud Computer Right Now

You have one of the most difficult jobs in the C-Suite. As CFO, your decisions influence the health and direction of every functional area within your organization. However, developing domain expertise in each of these areas is simply not practical based on your available bandwidth.

How do you know your decisions are right based on the information you have at hand? The simple answer is, right now, you probably don’t.

Cloud computing is one of these challenging black boxes for CFOs. Your CTO tells you that he or she needs budget to drive performance through the cloud. The money flows in, the team does the work, and you see performance increase. But questions still abound. Is this the best we can do? Are we using the right provider? Could we have reached the same or better performance improvements at a cheaper rate?

You are not the only CFO wrestling with these questions. In a recent survey conducted by American Express and CFO Research, senior financial executives cited greater flexibility (56%), cost savings (37%), improved productivity (37%), and time savings (26%) as the benefits they see for their companies. And yet, less than one-third plan to increase cloud budgets this year; clearly, an indication that allocating budget for the cloud is not an easy decision.

Waiting to make this decision could be a mistake, as cloud computing represents one of the biggest potential windfalls for CFOs and their organizations because of its flexibility. As capital expenditure budgets stagnate or shrink, financial executives should look to the cloud to turn CAPEX into OPEX. OPEX ensures a predictable quarterly infrastructure expense that better enables the company to meet changing demand.  Large capital expenditures are a big bet for an uncertain outcome.

Add a New Tool to Your Decision-Making Arsenal

CFOs realize that they need more input into their decision making in order to make IT successful when it comes to topics like the cloud. In the survey The CFO as a Catalyst for Change, Oracle and Accenture found that a staggering 84% of CFOs claim that their relationship with the CIO has increased over the past three years.

Allies are a great start, but Cloudamize can help you and your CTO speak the same language. It focuses the conversation at the intersection of what you as the CFO care most about (cost) and what is most important to your CTO (performance). It builds consensus and facilitates a shared vision for the future of your company.

Setting up a cloud assessment with Cloudamize takes just a few minutes and provides an immediate picture of where you may be able to save costs without sacrificing performance.

In many cases, organizations do not realize they are spending too much on their cloud infrastructure. Typically, we see companies that administer this check-up identify opportunities to reduce their costs by 40-50%. It’s an eye-opening experience for them. Cloudamize can help your company do the same.

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