Cloudamize and RiverMeadow: Working Together to Ease Your Move to the Cloud

At Cloudamize, we constantly look for ways to make it easier for our clients to move to the cloud. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we will now integrate with RiverMeadow Software® Inc., a leading provider of cross-hypervisor, Lift & Shift server migration. Together the integrated Cloudamize and RiverMeadow platforms will help companies improve the ease, speed, and accuracy of moving to and operating in the cloud.

Why Form This Partnership?

Cloudamize assists companies with the first step of their cloud journey: providing high precision analytics and powerful automation to identify their best-fit cloud and design a precise migration plan. RiverMeadow focuses on the next step: the actual migration. RiverMeadow helps companies automate the core processes of collecting, converting and deploying the application stack from the source to the target cloud environment. Ultimately, we’ve integrated with RiverMeadow to give our customers the opportunity to combine the ease of migration planning through Cloudamize with the expediency of migration execution through Rivermeadow.

How This Integration Helps Our Customers

What does this integration mean in practical terms? Customers will be able to quickly move from the planning stage of their cloud migration to the actual migration phase without delay. IT teams can view each move group, its host name, and its compute, network, and storage settings for the cloud from planning through the migration process.

The chief benefit of this strategic partnership is that it will help our customers automate their migration processes and reduce costs by allowing businesses to seamlessly transfer their migration plan to a migration execution platform. This will allow companies to move their workloads with accuracy to their optimal configuration in AWS, Azure, and/or Google Cloud Platform.

Key benefits include:

  • Accelerate Migration to Cloud: Quickly and accurately plan your migration strategy and execute your move to the cloud.
  • Shrink Change Windows & Downtime: Migrate your application stacks to the target cloud environment with minimal downtime or manual configuration so that you can start realizing the benefits of the cloud quickly.
  • Achieve Cost Clarity & Control: Combine the power of Cloudamize’s automated data analysis with RiverMeadow’s fast, secure, and automated cloud on boarding solution to understand, project, control, and lower overall cloud costs.

Contact us to learn how we can help your business reduce the complexity of migrating to the cloud.

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