Cloudamize Demystifies Cloud Infrastructure Challenges, Empowers New Partners In North America and Australia

Cloudamize, the leading provider of data and analytics for the cloud lifecycle, today announced the expansion of its Cloud Analytics Product Suite, along with two new strategic partnerships with Flux7 in Austin, Texas and Data Solutions Group in Melbourne, Australia.

The expansion of the Cloudamize Analytics Product Suite includes applications that provide data and analytics to assess, plan, and mange each stage in the Cloud lifecycle:

  • Cloudamize Assess helps companies make data-driven decisions on the best cloud solution for their existing workloads and the TCO for each cloud mapping.
  • Cloudamize Plan provides deeper insights into application inter-connectivity and builds a prioritized migration plan based on cloud readiness of the workloads.
  • Cloudamize Manage helps optimize existing workloads in the cloud and provides recommendations to fully maximize the benefits of the cloud.

Organizations working with partners like Flux7 and Data Solutions Group are using the Cloudamize Cloud Analytics Product Suite to help their customers address common challenges with cloud computing. "More and more organizations are moving their workloads to the cloud but may not understand how to fully maximize its performance, cost, or ROI benefits," said Aater Suleman, CEO of Flux7. "Working with Cloudamize will enable us to add more detailed and strategic insights in our assessment process, allowing us to provide customers with the lifecycle information they need to confidently manage their cloud infrastructures."

With Cloudamize, partners are able to offer their customers better insight on cloud migration and management, based on data and predictive analytics from more than half a million data points per workload collected each day. The result for partners is an accelerated sales cycle through accurate, usage-based modeling, as well as increased customer satisfaction with their cloud deployments and management.

"The Cloudamize Analytics Product Suite is additive and complementary to our partners’ cloud professional and managed services offerings," commented Tom Leonard, EVP of Sales and Business Development at Cloudamize. "It empowers them to help their customers migrate workloads to the cloud and manage them with confidence once there."

"Using Cloudamize has become critical to the success of our AWS consulting practice," commented Tom Bernadou, Managing Director at Data Solutions Group. "With visibility into our clients’ Amazon Web Services hosting costs, we have increased our close rate for project services and converted a high percentage of opportunities to ongoing managed services."

More information on Cloudamize and partnership opportunities is available at

About Flux7

Flux7 is an IT services organization helping businesses realize and optimize the benefits of technology by using DevOps processes and full-stack expertise. The company provides cloud architecture planning, design and implementation services to accelerate cloud infrastructure projects and enable IT teams to autonomously manage their own infrastructure on their own. For more information, please visit

About Data Solutions Group

Data Solutions Group (DSG) is a IT Solutions Provider offering innovative technology solutions that transform the enterprise, health and education. Their solutions are designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve organizational performance. Data Solutions Group was founded in June 2010. For more information, please visit

About Cloudamize

Cloudamize is an analytics company that helps businesses make data-driven decisions at every stage of the Cloud Lifecycle. Customers and partners utilize the SaaS application to effectively assess, plan, and manage workloads within the cloud. With Cloudamize, companies have experienced significant monthly savings on their cloud deployment, while simultaneously increasing performance. For more information, please visit:

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