Cloudamize Expands Platform to Help Companies Optimize Their Entire Cloud Journey

There are several stages to your cloud journey and at each stage, there are critical decisions to be made. Which cloud is right for us? What will the cloud cost us? Which applications should we migrate and when? How can we control our cloud costs? How can we ensure the best performance from our cloud? These questions are not easy to answer, which is why the only way you can accurately (and efficiently) address them is with the right analytics.

The problem is that many organizations try to inform their cloud decisions by using the data they’re able to gather manually– running reports, producing spreadsheets, interviewing IT colleagues, etc. These tedious and error-prone efforts too often lead to the common cloud pitfalls you hear about so often. In fact, most of our customers have come to us after they’ve manually collected and analyzed data, only to suffer negative business outcomes.

At Cloudamize, we purpose-built our analytics platform to automate the process of gathering and analyzing critical data, and based on this analysis we provide you with recommendations for optimal migrations and ongoing cloud management and optimization.

And that's why we're so excited about our latest release. Working closely with our customers and partners over the past year, we have built and are now delivering the most comprehensive cloud computing analytics platform available. We just announced today that we've added two new modules, Migrate and Validate, to our cloud computing analytics platform, making Cloudamize the only end-to-end analytics solution to help companies make the best cloud decisions throughout their entire cloud journey, from assessing which public cloud is best for them, to planning and executing migrations, and to managing their ongoing cloud deployments. With this release, we're making it easier than ever to ultimately realize the full potential of the cloud.

Our latest capabilities in this Fall '16 release include:


Migrate integrates with your current cloud migration tool, so you can more quickly and accurately move your workloads to their best-fit configuration in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. We install your migration tool for you, and you can then import the migration plan you built in Cloudamize. For each of your move groups, you can view its its compute, network, and storage settings for the cloud, as well as the migration status of each machine that's moving to the cloud.

Migrate Screenshot.png


Validate ensures that your application connections are operating in the cloud as they should be. It compares the new cloud state of your application connections to their historical on-premises state, immediately identifies any gaps in application connectivity in the cloud, and provides recommendations on how to fix any application connection issues.

Validate screenshot.png

Migrate and Validate integrate with three existing modules on the Cloudamize platform to provide full support for the entire cloud journey. Using Cloudamize, companies can calculate and compare precise TCO calculations across AWS, Azure, and Google to identify their best-fit cloud, design a phased migration plan, migrate workloads, validate your migrated application connections, and manage your cloud on an ongoing basis to ensure each machine is always right-sized for optimal performance and cost.

Some of the benefits you can expect with our complete analytics platform include:

  • Efficiently act on easy-to-consume insights so you can more quickly realize the value of the cloud.
  • Improve the ease, speed, and accuracy of moving to and operating in the cloud with automated analysis and recommendations.
  • Understand current needs and costs, and accurately forecast future costs and capacity.
  • Understand your optimal cloud environment to ensure the best performance at the lowest possible cost.
  • Understand, control, and lower overall cloud costs.

We're going to demo the Cloudamize platform at AWS re:Invent, booth 2337 - so if you're going to be there, let us know in advance or drop on by!

You can read more about the new platform capabilities here, and you can see for yourself how Cloudamize gives you insights to speed and simplify your cloud migration and management by requesting a demo here.

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