Cloudamize Named a Google Cloud Platform Recommended Partner

Google recently announced a set of recommended partners to assist customers with migrating to the Google Cloud Platform.  These partners were hand-picked by Google based on their ability to provide the best possible customer experience throughout the journey to the cloud. We're obviously very excited and honored that Cloudamize was one of only a few partners selected to assist customers with cloud migration planning.

In conjunction with Google, we had previously announced a free migration planning solution for the Google Cloud Platform. We’ve been working together for some time now to design a better migration planning experience – one that speeds decision-making and eliminates spreadsheets and tedious manual processes.

The further designation of recommended partner gives companies the added assurance of pre-vetted solutions so they can make the journey to the cloud with greater ease and confidence. Customers can migrate at their own pace while using proven technology to avoid common migration pitfalls.

With our analytics platform, companies can quickly and confidently determine the optimum Google Cloud Platform configuration for their workloads and build a customized and fully executable migration plan. We automatically prioritize applications for migration based on dependencies, suitability, and readiness, thereby eliminating tedious manual planning processes. But as always for us, it’s about helping our customers get the most value from their investments in cloud computing.

To sign-up to get a free Google migration plan, please visit

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