Customer Success Spotlight: How 6 Cloudamize Customers Overcame 4 Common Cloud Migration Challenges

Cloud_Migration_ChallengesFor many organizations planning a cloud migration strategy, it may seem that the road to a successful cloud migration is littered with potholes. When migrating on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, failing to avoid problems along the way can lead to a migration breakdown.

Although every organization is unique, many of the challenges that bring customers to Cloudamize are shared. In this post, we’ve collected some of our most successful customers’ stories to demonstrate how they overcame 4 common challenges of planning and executing a successful cloud migration strategy.

Challenge #1: “Should we move to the cloud or stay on-premises? Will my organization save money and have the same or better performance after we move?”

For nearly every organization, this question is the very first challenge of their cloud migration journey. The answer ultimately determines whether to move to the cloud or keep things as they are. Here are three stories of how Cloudamize customers were able to move to the cloud with confidence in their decision.

Financial Services Company Leverages Benchmarking to Save $800,000: With a complex environment that included 1,100 server instances running Windows workloads with 75% running on Windows Server 2003, this customer struggled to predict how their environment would perform and how much it would cost in the cloud. To gain a concrete understanding of what they could expect, this company leveraged Cloudamize’s historical performance analysis and benchmarking capabilities.

This process converted on-premises performance metrics to the cloud, providing the company with recommended right-sized instances for each workload, predicted performances for those workloads, and the cloud costs for each workload. This provided them with an accurate TCO and picture of performance in the cloud, enabling them to make their decision to migrate faster and with confidence. As a result, this company reduced their annual IT spend by over 45% and saved over $800,000 by migrating to AWS.

Financial Services Company Gains Confidence in Decision: After outgrowing its current on-premises environment, another financial services team had to make a decision: purchase new hardware in their existing data center or migrate to AWS. Like many organizations, this customer began the process of predicting cloud costs and performance with a spreadsheet analysis that inaccurately projected AWS costs to be significantly higher than on-premises data center costs.

The only way to make an informed decision is with an accurate TCO prediction. With benchmarking and performance prediction, Cloudamize helped this organization build a more accurate TCO based on an optimal, right-sized cloud configuration for each of the organization’s 1,535 workloads. By calculating an accurate TCO of each workload (as opposed to simply mapping current hardware to the cloud), Cloudamize helped the organization realize that moving to AWS would be less expensive than its on-premises environment and saved the company $2 million.

Cloud Consulting Firm Offers Client Precise TCO: A cloud consulting company advising a city council needed to calculate a precise application-by-application estimate of how much it would cost to move their client’s environment to AWS. Not only did the firm need to help the city council understand whether it made financial sense to migrate, but they also needed to quickly design an accurate, phased migration plan.

Cloudamize enabled this cloud consulting firm to identify its client’s optimal compute, storage, and network settings in AWS based on both a historical performance analysis and the Cloudamize benchmarking engine. They didn’t just see one large opaque TCO number for their entire infrastructure, but they instead had the TCO of every workload so each could be validated. As a result, the firm was able to provide cost justification for a move to the cloud, reduce migration planning time by 80% compared to manual methods, and give the city council the confidence to know they were making the right decision.

Challenge #2: “How can we reduce trial and error and improve migration accuracy so that our performance won’t suffer and our costs won’t spin out of control?”

The sheer complexity of understanding both an organization’s on-premises infrastructure and the millions of possible cloud configurations is all but impossible with only spreadsheets. In fact, organizations that rely on manual analysis are more likely to make decisions that force them into a process of trial and error while increasing the likelihood of out-of-control costs. Cloudamize has helped many companies reduce trial and error, including this one:

An IT Consulting Company Migrates With Zero Performance Issues: A large consulting team wanted to migrate its clients’ internal data centers to the cloud, but understanding how 1,600 machines and 500 applications would map to AWS was proving to be an impossible task. After spending 6 months attempting to develop cloud benchmarks for right-sizing manually, it realized it needed a different way to rapidly determine an accurate right-sized cloud configuration so that workload performance wouldn’t suffer.

Cloudamize helped this consulting firm replace it manual methods with automated benchmarking, so it could accurately map on-premises resources to the cloud. With automated benchmarking, Cloudamize was able to recommend the right-sized compute and storage options for each workload, as well as predict performance on those recommended options. As a result, the migration planning cycle for a typical application dropped from 3 months to 3 weeks, internal migration costs fell by $4 million, and the migration experienced zero performance and connection breakdowns. Thanks to automated data analysis, this company was able to immediately move to right-sized compute and storage resources and know with certainty that it had the right infrastructure settings for them.

Challenge #3: “How can we reduce our cloud costs without compromising our high levels of performance?”

One of the biggest benefits of moving to the cloud is that organizations don’t need to overprovision resources to accommodate occasional peaks. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to right-size before migration, which can lead to over-provisioning and out of control costs. Here is the story of one company that wanted to spend less but could not afford to decrease performance:

An Ecommerce Company Reduces IT Spend without Losing Performance: After a budget review, the NimbleCommerce team learned its current AWS configuration was causing it to run over budget. Although they knew the cause was likely over-provisioned instances, NimbleCommerce’s 100,000 customers and 23 million subscribers count on the company for speed and reliability, which meant it couldn’t compromise performance for the sake of reducing costs.

The company knew that manually analyzing all essential metrics would be both time-consuming and inaccurate. But with automated performance analysis, automated usage analysis, and automated right-sizing, Cloudamize helped NimbleCommerce identify optimal instances and storage options in under a week. These actionable recommendations ultimately led to a 46% cost reduction identified in its AWS spend, configuration changes to 79% of instances, and an 85% reduction in time to plan future infrastructure scenarios.

Challenge #4: “How can I get greater visibility into my cloud costs for better control?”

After migration, organizations face the challenge of how to continue reducing costs while still maintaining performance. Organizations that adopt an “active management” approach are more likely to ensure that their usage matches their capacity so that they’re only paying for what they need, but this approach is only possible with automated data analysis.

A Freight and Trade Compliance Firm Removes Cloud Waste: After a budget review, the company’s CTO realized that AWS costs were consuming double its allocated budget. Before the firm could migrate the rest of its infrastructure to AWS, the company needed to find a way to bring costs down without compromising high levels of performance.

Fortunately, Cloudamize was able to help this organization bring cloud costs under control by identifying optimal compute and storage resources that would ensure the company could continue to meet its high performance requirements without running over budget. Cloudamize also helped this company to identify autoscaling options to ensure that usage matched capacity and to purchase reserved instances in advance to secure better pricing.

Within 2 weeks, this freight and trade firm not only brought down the cost of running infrastructure it had already migrated to the cloud, but it was also able to migrate its remaining infrastructure knowing that costs wouldn’t run out of control. The automated usage analysis Cloudamize performed and its “active management” approach removed waste, ultimately resulting in a 48% reduction in AWS spend.

Are you facing a cloud migration challenge?

You shouldn’t face the risk of muddling through your challenges without the help of automated analysis. We can turn your struggle into a success story by breaking down the complexity of migrating to the cloud so that you can make your cloud decisions faster, easier, and with more accuracy.

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