How to Instill Confidence in Cloud Migrations with a Detailed TCO Assessment Report

Among the biggest hurdles that systems integrators and cloud service providers encounter is helping clients understand the costs associated with migrating to the cloud. Many companies begin their migration journey with hesitations, fears, and doubts, as well as a lack of understanding on how to properly calculate a cloud TCO. Systems integrators and cloud service providers can give confidence to their clients by helping them see in precise detail exactly what they can expect to pay after their migration to the cloud is complete.

At Cloudamize, we provide a highly detailed, data-driven TCO assessment report that provides information on how much each machine will cost in the cloud. It compares the TCO of a company’s predicted right-sized cloud vs. the TCO of a “like-to-like”configuration. Many companies at the beginning of their cloud journey don’t fully understand the benefits of right-sizing on cost and performance, and this report serves as a good education tool on this.

A detailed Infrastructure Assessment Summary from Cloudamize includes:

TCO Based on Hardware Mapping:This is a like-to-like mapping of on-premises machines to the equivalent AWS instance and storage size. This mapping is based on system hardware specifications (e.g. number of CPUs, CPU speed, and assigned memory, disk size, etc.). It does not take actual workload or usage into account. The TCO calculation is based on this configuration.

TCO Based on Right-Sizing:This takes system configurations into account and incorporates actual workload and usage characteristics. That data is then projected to the cloud environment. Mapping of instance sizes, storage, and network demand is provided and the TCO is estimated based on the suggested right-sized configuration. Some of the parameters considered when constructing an optimal plan include: peak CPU usage, disk occupancy, peak disk usage, peak network usage, unused compute or storage resources, disk IOPS and provisioned IOPS, and usage patterns.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 11.21.19 AMTCO Based on Pricing Plans. Cloud service providers offer different pricing options. The report provides TCO based on hardware mapping and right-sizing across different pricing scenarios, and then breaks down the TCO calculations of each by compute, storage, and network costs.

By providing detailed TCO comparisons, the Cloudamize assessment report helps companies understand how their TCO has been calculated, and how critical right-sizing and using optimal pricing options is for reducing their cloud costs - ultimately helping them make the business case for confidently moving to the cloud.

That said, this report is just the first step. The Cloudamize platform can provide even more detailed information beyond this to help systems integrators and cloud service providers assess on-premises environments and plan cloud migrations.

View a sample analytics report for AWS View a sample analytics report for Azure

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