It’s all about empowering the Intelligent Cloud: Key Takeaways from Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2015

As the Cloudamize team and I touched down in the Philadelphia airport last Wednesday, my head was still swirling with excitement from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2015. It didn’t matter that it was late at night. I was invigorated (and still am!) by the meetings, conversations, and ideas for the future of the cloud and all that it has to offer businesses. We learned a lot during the keynotes and sessions, as well as during many informative conversations at our booth. I wanted to take the opportunity here to share our two most important learnings with you.

The Future of Business in a Cloud-First, Mobile-First World

Early in his Monday morning keynote, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about living in a cloud-first, mobile-first world. He expanded the definition of mobile-first to go beyond merely focusing on devices like phones, tablets, and laptops. His definition talked about the "mobility of the experience" and how mobile has become ubiquitous.  During his keynote it became very clear that in order for all of this computing to be truly valuable, we will need access to our specific experiences, or applications, and our data. In short, we’ll need a centralized control point to make sense of this distributed mobile experience.

Key Takeaway:

Nadella expanded the concept of the intelligent cloud further to examine its undeniable impact on businesses large and small. If I could boil down the sentiment of a large portion of his keynote to three words, they would be data, data, data. Organizations are being flooded with data from a variety of sources, and within this flood is a strong and swift current that leads to deeper levels of success. "The key opportunity for any organization," Nadella said, "is to be able to convert data into intelligent action."

How Cloudamize views it:

Nadella couldn’t be more right. For organizations who have moved their infrastructure to the cloud, or who are considering a move, the key to their success is making sense of the data they are receiving to make better decisions. At Cloudamize, we’re empowering partners and clients to take the step into the intelligent cloud with cloud lifecycle analytics. We understand that data is the fuel that powers informed decision-making. This is why we built a platform to capture and analyze data at every step of the cloud lifecycle. It’s the key to getting it right and taking a proactive approach to cloud infrastructure.

Empowering Partners to sell more services as a single solution

Gavriella Schuster, the GM of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Group, announced the availability of Azure in its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program during her keynote speech. According to Schuster, partners are enabled to collaborate with ISVs to build new solutions or incorporate ISV solutions in their service portfolio to sell them as one offering. Microsoft is also expanding the CSP program to additional markets, bringing the total number of markets in which CSP is available to 131.

Key takeaway:

With the expansion of the CSP program to additional markets and additional services, Microsoft reaffirmed their commitment to their partner network.  Satya Nadella summed it up nicely with the following statement: "We care about empowerment. There is no other ecosystem that is primarily and solely built to help customers achieve greatness."

How Cloudamize views it:

The news about the health of the partner ecosystem and the introduction of Azure to the CSP program had everyone on the show floor, as well as the partners we spoke with at our booth, buzzing with excitement about the future of cloud computing.  Cloudamize is well positioned to help partners solidify their value to their own customers and through that program. Cloudamize cloud lifecycle analytics enable partners to accelerate their customer lifecycle and round up their CSP offerings to clients by adding the much needed analytics throughout the cloud lifecycle.

In closing, a big thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth to chat with us. We loved your interest in our analytics platform (it’s truly heartening to know that we’re meeting a much-needed service). Hearing your feedback was invaluable. In keeping with the theme of invigoration, our conversations reaffirmed our passion for providing you with a platform and the tools to help your customers reach their goals through the cloud lifecycle.

For more details, check out Phil Sorgen’s blog where he covers all WPC2015 announcements.

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