Joining Forces with Cloudreach is an Outstanding Opportunity for Cloudamize

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I first met Khushboo Shah some five years ago and I knew immediately this was not your average founder. There is in fact nothing average about Khushboo. Some time ago, she participated in a startup accelerator program in Philly and I was assigned as her coach and over the next few years I became an informal advisor.

At the end of 2015, Khushboo and I had a series of conversations about what she wanted to do with the business that led to me joining the company full time as CEO. I have done this a number of times, and it’s not an easy transition for a founder to make but Khushboo was driven by only one guiding principle - what can help me grow faster and serve my customers better? She didn’t skip a beat and never lost her focus.

I can tell you the things about Khushboo that she won’t - just don’t tell her I told you 

She won’t tell you that she’s a first generation immigrant and had to learn English while she was going to college - for her Ph.D. That would sound like an excuse.

And she won’t tell you about the time early in Cloudamize history when she spent an entire day writing a proposal and literally broke her wrist in the process. That would sound weak.

Make no doubt, Khushboo is all gristle, grit and determination. You’d better run hard if you want to keep up. But she gives only they very best of herself and she brings out the best in others. I couldn’t be any happier for Khushboo today.

I’m also happy for the Cloudamize team who worked so incredibly hard to deliver on our goals and aspirations. The unsung heroes. You guys are the best. I know it must have felt sometimes like we were never going to get here but take some time today to bask in the moment - you deserve it.

And ultimately I’m happy for our customers and partners. The investment that will be made into the business will give us the growth capital we need to continue to accelerate, expand and strengthen our products and services to you. We will be making significant effort in establishing the new software business unit so that we can continue to operate and scale Cloudamize just like we always have - only better and faster. Every decision we have made in this process has been with you in mind - to be able to support you better and deliver innovations to our platform even faster.

As I said in my blog post when I first joined the company, three things attracted me to Cloudamize - a great team, a massive market, and an ideal solution for which there was incredibly strong demand. All the signs of potential success. It’s been challenging but incredibly rewarding to work with Khushboo and the team to deliver on that potential.

And having been through this a few times I can tell you this is an outstanding opportunity for Cloudamize. It doesn’t get much better than to be joining forces with another rapidly rising star like Cloudreach and to have the backing of a firm like Blackstone.

The future is incredibly bright and I look forward to working with Khushboo and the Cloudreach team as we take this next step together.

Read the full press release announcing our joining forces with Cloudreach.

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