New Licensing Cost Optimization Analysis from Cloudamize Accelerates Windows Workload Migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloudamize is pleased to announce today the addition of licensing cost optimization analysis to our platform, which will enable companies to quickly and easily understand which options will yield the greatest cost savings from Microsoft product licensing when moving Windows workloads to AWS.

The addition of licensing cost optimization analysis enhances Cloudamize’s existing analytics for the most in-depth, precise AWS cost and performance predictions, helping to significantly accelerate AWS adoption and migration.

With this enhancement, companies can leverage these capabilities with Cloudamize:

  • Bring Your Own Licenses (BYOL): Cost analysis for bring-your-own applicable Microsoft licenses versus purchasing new licenses from AWS to identify the option yielding the most cost savings.
  • Auto-Scaling: Identify workloads that are candidates for auto-scaling, which can reduce license costs by at least 50% on average.

Providing companies with in-depth data on cost and performance predictions in AWS enables partners to give clients the clarity they need to confidently adopt AWS. With our latest offering, we’re adding even more analysis to the detailed cost calculations we already provide - empowering partners to improve the ease and speed of moving Windows workloads to AWS for their clients.

Read the full press release to learn more about how this enhancement will help improve the speed and accuracy of migrating Windows workloads to AWS.

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